Saturday, December 19, 2009

Roll Up, Roll Up

I turned left into Anderson Park proud to be delivering my daughter to her soccer game ahead of schedule. I joined the other mini-vans circling the parking lot like over-sized tin sharks, each tightly coiled, poised to attack any available parking space.

Like chum on the water, I smelled the last available spot and darted into its narrow confines. I gave a cursory glance to my left to confirm there was room to open the door. I startled. For there, sitting in the driver’s seat of the vehicle next to me, was a clown. Rainbow colored afro hair filled the car. He turned slowly towards me. His white face, dark eyes, black lips and bright red nose looked blankly at me.

Here sat a clown, the sole reason I loved the circus as a child, the purveyor of laughter, joy and happiness. Now all grown-up and miles away from the sounds and smells of the Big Top, I am locked in a staring match with a beloved clown.

My only thought: How murderous you look.

1 comment:

Haley said...

Agreed - some say that clowns are responsible for taking people's souls to hell when they expire... or maybe that's crows. Anyway, clowns are scary!