Monday, December 21, 2009

Cover it up Santa!

My neighbor Glen sports an impressive bushy white beard. His face, although worn with time, still radiates warmth while his eyes twinkle with merriment. The tone of his laughter is rich, as it booms from the depths of his rounded belly.

One December morning as I looked out of my window across the street I saw Glen’s front door open. To my amazement out walked Santa Claus, resplendent in his beloved furry red and white outfit.

I had no idea he lived so close by.

Now I understand during these hard economic times we all have had to make adjustments and that the upkeep and maintenance of a sleigh (not to mention eight reindeer) must be cost prohibitive.

But seriously Santa, nothing makes the magic of Christmas evaporate quicker than watching you struggle your way into a small green 1983 Dodge pick-up truck.

Please Santa, for the sake of the little ones, cover yourself up!

(At least until you can get the sleigh and reindeers out of hock.)

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